Shining Stars 2017

We have created this page to provide as much information as possible for our upcoming show - 'The Greatest Show' 2018 at the Haymarket Theatre.

Saturday 24th November December:

Full School rehearsal @ EPA Studios (We will be staging the finale & having a full run through)

Please send dancers with lunch/snacks and a labelled bottle of water. This is also a great opportunity to practice your hair & make up. All dancers are required to bring hangers & a garment bag/protective bag to take their costumes home Send dancers with all dance shoes.

Wednesday 15th February:

Full technical & Dress rehearsal @ Groby College.
- All dancers to arrive at 10:15 with hair and make up done, please bring all costumes & a onesie/dressing gown to wear backstage.  Pre-Primary dancers are needed until 12:30. Rehearsal fees: £7.50 per dancer.
- Finish time: 3:30 approx. Please see backstage guide for more information regarding backstage requirements etc.


All dancers to arrive at 6:00pm with hair & make up DONE.  Doors for audience will open at approx. 6:30pm. On the Sunday dancers need to arrive at 1:00pm and the show will start at 2:00pm.