Lights, Camera, Action!

On this page you will find all the information about our upcoming showcase on the 13th November 2021 at Groby College Theatre.

Saturday 6th November:

Full School rehearsal @ EPA Studios (We will be staging the finale & having a full run through)
Please send dancers with lunch/snacks and a labelled bottle of water. This is also a great opportunity to practice your hair & make up. All dancers are required to bring hangers & a garment bag/protective bag to take their costumes home Send dancers with all dance shoes & a clearly labelled plastic box. 

Sunday 7th November:

Full technical & Dress rehearsal @ Groby College. 
- All dancers to arrive at the venue with hair and make up done. Please bring all costumes & a onesie/dressing gown to wear backstage.  Please click on you Child's class below to find out times, hair etc. Dancers will need a drink & snacks - no messy foods please! 
- Please do not send your child with an iPad/tablet etc as we can not be responsible if they get lost or damaged. 
- Do not send any foods with peanuts or hazelnuts as we have students with severe allergies.


All dancers to arrive at Groby at 1 :00pm with hair & make up DONE.  Our chaperones are not responsible for ensuring hair & make up is correct, they do not have time to do hair or make up. Doors for audience will open at approx. 1:30pm. The length of the show will be confirmed after the full run through next week. Usually it is around 2 hours with an interval. Dancers will then stay at the Theatre between, enjoy their break and a relax before their final show.  Doors will open at 5:30pm for the 6:00pm show. 
We politely remind you that there is to be no filming or photography during the show. We have professionals in to do this and you will be asked to leave the auditorium & delete any footage. It is extremely distracting for the dancers.  
We do encourage you to cheer and applaud for every single dance, and when you see those dazzling tricks in the aero routines, feel free to applaud! The matinee show starts at 2:00pm & the evening at 6:00pm.